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Barium Nitrate

​Barium nitrate is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ba(NO3)2.

Product Specification:
  • CAS :


  • MF :


  • Ba(NO3)2 Contect :


  • Ferrous (Fe) :


  • Chloride :


  • Water-Insoluble Material :


  • Moisture :


  • Density :

    3.1-3.3 g.cm3

  • UN 1446 Class 5.1(6.1) / PG II :

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It like most barium salts, is colorless, toxic, and water-soluble. It burns with a green flame and is an oxidizer; the compound is commonly used in pyrotechnics.

Barium nitrate is used in the production of BaO-containing materials.

Barium Nitrate -packing

Barium nitrate is manufactured by two processes that start with the main source material for barium, the carbonate. The first involves dissolving barium carbonate in nitric acid, allowing any iron impurities to precipitate, then filtered, evaporated, and crystallized. The second requires combining barium sulfide with nitric acid.

It occurs naturally as the very rare mineral nitrobarite.

At elevated temperatures, barium nitrate decomposes to barium oxide:

2Ba(NO3)2 → 2BaO + 4NO2 + O2

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