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CS Powder Advantage

CS powder advantage including the high purity and soluble in different kinds of media.

Product Specification:
  • Product :


  • CS content :


  • Melting point :


  • Insoluble in :

    water / air

  • Soluble in :

    methylene chlonde

  • Density at T.25℃ :

    0.16-0.33 gram/cm3

  • Appearance :

    white crystal with the odor of pepper

  • :

Dayu Chemical is a comprehensive chemical company integrating scientific research, manufacture and international trade of the chemical raw materials of the less lethal technology and ammunition. We can supply more than 30 kinds of chemical raw materials including CS powder, CS liquid solution, OC, PAVA, CN powder, CR powder and raw material of pyrotechnic such as Magnesium Powder, Aluminum Powder etc. The annual production capability of CS powder is 400 ton/ year.

cs powder advantage      equipment for cs powder

Dayu chemical has already exported to more than 20 countries all over the world. We have

1. The R & D team consist by 5 top chemical doctors;

2. The precise laboratory apparatus to make sure the accurate specification;

3. Standard production line to make sure the quality.

All these can make sure the quality of the product we supplied.

testing equipment for cs powder      testing for cs powder

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