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Silver white powder with metallic luster, active metal, and a wet and flammable product. Burning produces a strong white light and gives off high heat.

Product Specification:
  • CAS :


  • MF: Mg :


    Grey silver powder

  • Mg Content :


  • Humidity :


  • CI :


  • FE :


  • Insoluble matter of hydrochloric acid :


  • Other impurities :


  • Active Mg :


  • Apparent density :

    0.52 g/cm3

  • UN :

    1418 Class 4.3(4.2) / PG II

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Magnesium Powder is widely used in aviation, aerospace, armament, automobile, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and other industries.

Magnesium Powder is flammable and explosive, produces high temperature and dazzling white light when burned, so magnesium powder is widely used in military industry, aerospace industry and other scientific and technological fields. In steelmaking and non-ferrous metal casting, magnesium powder is used as desulfurizer and purifier, and as reducing agent in rare metal production. In the chemical industry, magnesium powder can be used as spray, coating and anticorrosion industry more and more, in the aspect of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and metallurgical powder die casting is also very large.

Mg Powder - packing

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