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OC Water Soluble Introduction

Oleoresin capsicum is obtained by solvent extraction of red chili, Capsicum annuum L., (family: Solanaceae). Permitted food additives are added to make the p...

Product Specification:
  • Product :


  • Major Capsaicinoids :


  • Oleoresin Capsicum :


  • Total Pungency :

    500,000 SHU - 5,250,000 SHU

  • Rel. Capsaicin :

    60 % min

  • Color Value :

    2000 to 3000 cu

  • Residual Solvent :

    below 30 ppm

OC Water Soluble Introduction:

OC water soluble is one form for oleoresin capsicum, which can be dissolved by water, so we call it OC water soluble.

Oleoresin capsicum is an irritant for mammals, including humans and it produces a sense of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact, extensively applied to painkiller. Stomachic, diet drug, drug breaking methadone in medicine healthy products, daily chemical product in ship paint, biological expellant, green environment protection degradable pesticides, tear bomb and pepper power tube in military defense, because of its spicy hot property, to be widely used as food additive.

pepper extract      oc water soluble

OC water soluble is a kind of natural hot pepper extract, no toxic。 Dayu chemical has the advanced purification technology, can produce all kinds of oc water soluble in different purity, we have enough stock to make sure the timely supply, we also provide customized, we can produce the raw material according to customer's requirement.

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