CS Powder and Liquid Solution Partner
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  • June 02, 2020


Mr. Yoram is our long term business partner since 2015, he is satisfied with us both about the quality of the product and our strict attitude about the work.

cs powder cooperate partner

He and his company purchase o-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile from our company since we get the first order of the teargas powder in 2015. That was really a tough negotiation we negotiated about tear gas powder for three months, finally Mr. Yoram moved by our sincerity and let us be their cs powder supplier in China. They place regular order for cs gas powder about 2000 tons every year.

cs powder bulk

Last year as the business expand, they asked us to produce another tear gas product teargas liquid to meet their need for tear gas liquid in the market. Because he knows our company dayu chemical is the best cs liquid solution manufacturer who can produce cs gas liquid customized.

As the most important customer for us, we invited Mr. Yoram to visit our company and we show him the beautiful site in Xi’an in February 2017. He inspected our production line and very satisfied. He also impressed for the beautiful Xi’an.

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Hope we can cooperate together with a good future.