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OC Oil Soluble Advantage-by dayuchemical
OC Oil Soluble Advantage-by dayuchemical

OC Oil Soluble Advantage-by dayuchemical

Product :OC-oil-soluble
Major Capsaicinoids :1%-60%
Oleoresin Capsicum :500000SHU-5000000SHU
Total Pungency :500,000 SHU - 5,250,000 SHU
Rel. Capsaicin :60 % min
Color Value :2000 to 3000 cu
Residual Solvent :below 30 ppm
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OC oil soluble is not a man-made chemical, it is created from the active compound in hot peppers, capsaicin.

Comparison Between Tear Gas Spray and Pepper Spray
The two biggest differences between tear gas spray and pepper spray are their chemical makeup and delivery methods. Pepper spray (sometimes referred to as "OC spray") is a combination of natural chemicals, whereas tear gas (also called "CS gas") comes from man-made compounds. Learn more about the different effects of each type of spray.

Tear Gas Spray and Pepper Spray: Compare and Contrast:

Pepper spray and tear gas spray are both non-lethal irritants commonly used in self-defense and crowd control. While some people use the terms interchangeably, it is important to note that tear gas and pepper spray are not the same product, and each has its own unique chemical distinctions.

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